Summer Jam

How to order tickets for Summerjam ?

As the area was very crowded in the last years you really should reserve your tickets for Summerjam!!!

You can order tickets online via the following links to German Ticket Distributors:

Tickets für Summer Jam bei TicketCenter - Tickets kinderleicht bestellen !

Of course, the Ticket Shop in your hometown has Summerjam Tickets available, too!!

You can also order tickets directly at Contour-Music! (You will receive original tickets, not the Computer Printouts!):
Children under 13 have free entry!
Tickets @ Contour: TICKET HOTWAYS +49 - (0)711 - 238 50 50

Alexanderstr. 78
70182 Stuttgart
OR visit and buy the official tickets online! All infos also available via

Tickets in FRANCE via !

You can buy Festival Tickets (fr - su) at the entrance of the festival, on Sunday cheaper day tickets will be sold!
Camping is included in the tickets. the camping area is huge but please prepare yourself for some walking distances! Parking is NOT included in the festival tickets. Parking fee is probably 5 Euro. Parking Places are far away from camping areas, bus shuttles available but still be prepared for long walking and transport!

WARNING!!! Please do NOT buy any tickets sold by unofficial sellers. Please buy the tickets only at official ticket shops! In the last years a huge number off FALSE tickets has been sold by dealers around the festival area. About 400 of these tickets have been found at the gates in the year 2000 and the holders couldn't get in with the tickets: Dealer gone, money gone! Be carefull!

For booking of stalls at the Summerjam please contact summerjam (at)
Standvergabe auf dem Summerjam nur durch die Fühlinger See Veranstaltungs GmbH, Anfragen per Mail an summerjam (at)

Please note: Ticket ordering or stand organising is not a service of the Reggaenode! All information given are without any guarantee!

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