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17th Summer Jam 2002 in Köln (05.07.-07.07.2002)

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Main Stage After last year's "collapse" of the festival area, Summerjam 2002 was not sold out. Anyway, 24.500 tickets were sold. This huge amount of people is really a maximum for this festival area. As there are(hopefully) no plans to move Summerjam to another location, the people and the organisers will have to get used to this situation. So the organizers changed the area little bit, for example the entrance to the island allowed faster passing than the years before, instead of sticking somewhere in the mass. Even the ticket controls have been quite easy and relaxing this year, nearly no rush here!
We at received many complaints, especially about the rude security. Our comment about this: Yes, there have been numerous incidents between security and visitors, but this has not only been a fault of the security themselfes. The security didn't act very lucky, maybe this is a result of the hard job they are doing during summerjam week (Some of them have been working non-stop). The organisers of the festival should take their influence on the securities and get them to a more visitor-friendly behaviour! People

Friday night is kickoff night!

Orishas on the Main Stage

Summerjam 2002 take off was the surprinsingly good show of Cuba's most famous Hip Hop Band Orishas. The Sound they played was so groovy, it got Summerjam Massive moving. Later - not really surprising - Germanys number one band and echo winner 2002 Seeed rocked main stage. Back from nearly a year abstinence from live concerts after a serious sicknes of Enuff (Pierre Baigorry), Seeed presented themselfes again as dynamic as we loved them in the last years! Thanks for this great live band!

Dub Syndicate Meanwhile on the green stage two of the most famous European New Dub Bands Dub Syndicate and Zion Train showed us musically perfect music from the dublands, handmade! Love it feel it groove it! British Dub Sounds from heaven! Scott Lincoln of Dub Syndicate
All of us welcomed the second big open air stage, what helped to relax the jamming in front of the main stage. During  the last years, the tent  capacities were too small, additionally Summerjam's  tradition is to be an open air festival. Therefore ist was a good decision to move the tent stage to an open  air stage. The so-called green stage was the stage for the upcoming  artists, for world-, dub- and ska-music, and for visitors who don't like the huge massive audience at the main stage, like to have enough space for dancing and to have a close view to the artists. Besides the two open air stages, two  tents were set up for soundsystem events, this year focussing on the German Soundsystem scene. Green Stage Posse

Saturday - the big day!

Natty Flo and Nosliw

On Saturday afternoon many suprises were presented on Green Stage, including Natty Flo and Nosliw backed by One Drop Band from Augsburg. One of the first Jamaican Dancehall Stars, Eek A Mouse, came back to Summerjam Festival after many years being absent. He brought his son, Little Mouse (Eek-A-Shadow), together they entertained green stage posse! Afterwards Ras Ites, the upcoming young Roots band from UK, presented their show. Musically they are compared with Morgan Heritage. Later Max Romeo one of the most typical voices of Reggae Music impressed with a fine selection of his legendary songs.

Ras Ites The Big Mouse and the Little Mouse

On the main stage one big Jamaican act after the other was presented, Bushman the musical medicine man who wants to heal with his message persuaded the audiance with his first apperance at Summerjam festival; Buju Banton, "the voice of Jamaica" jumping and dancing as ever, cheering the posse with songs like "destiny" and "deportees". Next "the Messenger" Luuuuuuuciaaano always in close contact with his fans giving him presents en masse. For the forth time in a row at Summerjam Germanys number one dancehall master Gentleman even singing a song together with Luciano. A "newcomer" on Summerjam was Capleton, even if he is succesfull in dancehall business since 10 years he never had been to Cologne Bay before! Bobodread Capleton showed Germany why he is also called "Fire Man". The late show was done by Côte Ivoire's Megastar Alpha Blondy with his Solar System Band, driving live performance, strong political and religious presentations, 100% Alpha!

Circus ChangHigh Sideaction: Since Summerjam moved to Cologne a lot of side activities are included into the festival concept. Since years, the lovely Circus Changhigh is part of the programme and many many people watch their shows during the afternoon. The basar was well equipped, lots and lots of record stores and clothes stalls, food for thought (but not really against hunger). Another very nice sideaction is the Childrens Playground, since many years well organised by the private organisation "World in Union", thanks to Claus M. Pulm for his work!

Sunday - Chill out day?

Sadly Beres Hammond cancelled his appearance on Summerjam 2002 just a few days in advance. As replacement organisers managed to get UK's all time Reggae Star Macka B. Personally we expected the audience to be bored about seeing Macka B again and again but he managed to celebrate a big party with the huge mainstage posse. After that the dancehall and slackness queen Lady Saw presented a calm sunday-performance. For the first time since ages in Germany was Junior Reid, he was the reason for many people to stay until sunday afternoon, and they got satisfied of course! As he has been one of the Black Uhuru lead singers he is well known here in Germany but of course his solo songs have made him very popular also! The Wailers, this time with Earl "Wire" Lindo, Glen Da Costa, Vin Gordon, Aston Barrett of course revived the good old Marly time! Grand finale was again another Star from Africa, South Africas Reggae Star Lucky Dube with his big band showed Europes Roots Reggae fans that African Reggae has many many stiles!

On Sundays green stage is always the stage for "reggae-related" sound: Orchestra Baobab and Angelique Kidjo represented African Sounds on Summerjam 2002, Doktor Woggle as well as the Toasters brought a lot of very very danceable Ska and -for the last time on Summerjam- Dr. Ring Ding and the Senior All Stars entertained green stage posse with their incredible mixture of Ska, Dancehall, Rocksteady, Roots and whatever. Thanks to RingDing and TSA for many many wunderful concerts!

No question: Summerjam 2002 was again a brilliant festival! As mentioned and as usual one always will find enough things to complain about, a major event like Summerjam will probably will never be "perfect". But this makes the charme of the event! Summerjam feeling is always happy Reggae vibes, no riots, no disrespect, peace love and harmony. For a festival with 25.000 peoples attending this is still a miracle how this works! Enjoy it and we will all meet again in 2003!


This review has been written by Peter Beckhaus with inputs by Anne Budnik, Martina Markwart and Thorsten "Red I" Sarfert. Photos by Martina Markwart (2m) and Peter Beckhaus (pb). Please respect the copyright of the fotos!

2002-NEWS headlines in review

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Friday 5.7.2002

RED Stage

Yellow Tent


White Tent

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Sentinel Sound / Supersonic Sound / Fireball Sound

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Major Crew

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Massive Joey Link to official homepage and Snagga Puss plus Guests of Shocking Vibes Crew

Open air Cinema Friday night: "Bob Marley Live in Concert" a film by Stefan Paul (83 min)

Saturday 6.7.2002

RED Stage

Yellow Tent


White Tent

Robert Lee & Postmen

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Silly Walks feat. Caramellow & Criminal

Concrete Jungle

General Levy

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Big 5 Juggling Session Part 1

Big 5 Juggling Session Part 2


Nikitaman and Mono

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Kinderzimmer Productions

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Max Romeo

King Shiloh Soundsystem

Foundation Nite

Dreadskin Studios

Universal Rockers

Marshall Dillon Talent Forum

Untouchable Sound

Blackwood Sound Link to official homepage

Rebel Radio Wien

Lucky Punch Link to official homepage feat. Mc Quame

Massive Joey Link to official homepage and Snagga Puss and Dr. Ring Ding

Open air Cinema Saturday night: "Buena Vista Social Club" (Buy online as CD, DVD or as VHS Video)

Sunday 7.7.2002

RED Stage

Yellow Tent


White Tent

Court Jester's Crew Link to official homepage

Lady Saw & Trilla Jenna

The Wailers Band

Junior Reid

Beres Hammond

Lucky Dube Link to official homepage

Natty Youth

Soul Stereo (Paris)


Roy Paci & Aretuska

Orchestra Baobab

Angélique Kidjo

Dr. Woggle and the Radio

Dr. Ring Ding and the Senior Allstars read the reggaenode reviewLink to official homepage

The Pioneers

Chill Out

Sista Jewel and the Ruffment Crew feat. Jah Sesco & Sista Mantis

Blessed Love

Easy Spirit ls . Richi Spencer (ex backyard)

Lucky Punch Link to official homepage ls. Massive Joey Link to official homepage and Snagga Puss

Parallel programm during the whole festival:

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