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Newsletter 03.1999

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News on this page:

   * Misty in Roots the famous British Roots Reggae Band: March (UPDATED):
   * AfroCeltSoundsystem the incredible Worldmusic Sound from GB: May (new):
   * Jamaican Girl Power with Lady Saw etc is CANCELLED: (update 08.03.99)
   * ALPHA BLONDY is coming to Germany: April (new): 16.02.99)
   * Bounty Killer: is NOT touring in April in Germany and Europe (updated:
     18.01.99) The Tour seems to be cancelled...

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                  Roots & Reggae Concerts in Germany 03/99

       Greetings from the German Reggaenode!

This is the monthly Reggaenode-posting announcing concert-, festival-, and
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**************** ON TOUR ****************

## Misty in Roots
# Reggae,UK,,THE real roots band, be there!
18.03.1999 Dortmund, Live Station
19.03.1999 Muenchen, Inkognito
20.03.1999 Tuebingen, Sudhaus
21.03.1999 Freiburg, Jazzhaus
22.03.1999 Aachen, Musikbunker (???)
26.03.1999 Duesseldorf, Weisses Haus
27.03.1999 Berlin, Pfefferberg
in between the tour will go to Austria
tour and info: GPI/Revelation

## Sofa Surfers Soundsystem
# DubReggae,Austria,,
18.03.1999 Duesseldorf, Unique
19.03.1999 Hamburg, Markthalle
20.03.1999 Potsdam, Waschhaus
24.03.1999 Leipzig, Moritzbastei
25.03.1999 Darmstadt, Kesselhaus
26.03.1999 Freiburg, Jazzhaus
27.03.1999 Muenchen, Muffathalle
info: jazzing

# Reggae,Jamaica,,Jamaican Girl Power
tour and info:

## Skaos
# Ska,Germany,,
02.07.1999 Horgenzell, FESTIVAL
10.07.1999 Koersching, FESTIVAL
30.07.1999 Gundelfingen, FESTIVAL
07.08.1999 Wuppertal, WUPPSTOCK OPEN AIR
tour and info : Booby Trap

# WorldDub,UK,,
16.05.1999 KOELN, Kantine
17.05.1999 BERLIN, Pfefferberg
18.05.1999 MAINZ, KUZ
19.05.1999 MUENCHEN, Incognito
21.05.1999 HAMBURG, Gruenspan
tour by Scorpio: info from:

07.04.1999 HEIDELBERG, Schwimmbad
08.04.1999 HANNOVER, Faust
09.04.1999 BERLIN, Knaack
10.04.1999 DRESDEN, Starclub
12.04.1999 AACHEN, Musikbunker
13.04.1999 JENA, Kassablanca
14.04.1999 ULM, Cat Cafe
16.04.1999 KOELN, Underground
17.04.1999 BIELEFELD, tba
18.04.1999 HAMBURG, Molotow
tour by IBD: info from:

## The Busters
# Ska,Deutschland
05.03.1999 PONTRESINA (CH), Alpine World Cup Party
11.03.1999 ZERMATT (CH), Vernissage Club
12.03.1999 AARAU (CH), Kiff
13.03.1999 INTERLAKEN (CH), Anker
07.05.1999 BUBIKON (CH), Scala
23.05.1999 HEIDELBERG, Schwimmbad
10.07.1999 NUSSLOCH, Festival
31.07.1999 ROESRATH, Stefansheide Open Air
06.08.1999 WETZIKON (CH), Open Air
tour by: Hello concerts info from:

# Reggae,Cote D'Ivoire,,(confirmed by AB)
01.04.1999 Dortmund, Dietrich Keuninghaus
02.04.1999 Berlin, Alte TU Mensa
03.04.1999 Muenchen, Collosseum
04.04.1999 Tuebingen, B27
05.04.1999 Hamburg, Fabrik
tour and info: GPI/Revelation

## Mad Professor
# Dub,UK,,
09.04.1999 Berlin, Pfefferberg
10.04.1999 Leipzig, Conne Island
tour and info: GPI/Revelation

25.06.1999 Hannover FAUST
26.06.1999 Rosslau OPEN AIR
28.06.1999 Mainz REDUIT OPEN AIR
tour and info: booby trap

20.04.1999 Freiburg, JAZZHAUS
21.04.1999 Heidelberg, KARLSTORBAHNHOF
22.04.1999 Wuppertal, HDJ-BARMEN
23.04.1999 Koeln, TUNNELS
tour and info: booby trap

## Dr. Ring Ding & The Senior Allstars
# Ska and Reggae,Germany,,He is the doc!
05.03.1999 Ruesselsheim, Hajos, (?)
12.03.1999 Sendenhorst, Titanic
19.03.1999 Neuruppin, JFZ
20.03.1999 Dresden, Ballhaus
26.03.1999 Ahaus, Logo
continued as Easter Ska Jam:
info from jazzthing

## Easter Ska Jam 99
# Ska,Germany,,Ring Ding and friends
31.03.1999 Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg
01.04.1999 Bremen, Schlachthof
02.04.1999 Berlin, SO 36
03.04.1999 Leipzig, Conne Island
04.04.1999 Erlangen, E-Werk
05.04.1999 Walldorf, Kulturwerk
info from jazzthing

Heaven Bound
19.03.1999 Oppenheim
26.03.1999 Dorsten
06.04.1999 Hof, Rock am Airport
08.05.1999 Bochum
29.05.1999 Annaberg-Buchholz
12.06.1999 Kirch Kogel
17.06.1999 Stuttgart
18.06.1999 Stuttgart
19.06.1999 Meilen(CH)
28.08.1999 Rheda-Wiedenbrueck
19.09.1999 Schuettorf
04.10.1999 Lage

## Audio Active
# Dub ,Japan,,On-U-Sound
10.04.1999 Bern (CH), Reitschule
11.04.1999 Lausanne (CH), Dolce Vita
13.04.1999 Bremen, Tivoli
14.04.1999 Hamburg, Markthalle, (+ Asian Dub Foundation)
15.04.1999 Duesseldorf, Stahlwerk, (+ Asian Dub Foundation)
18.04.1999 Stuttgart, Roehre
20.04.1999 Wien (AT), Flex
21.04.1999 Salzburg (AT), Arge Nonntal
22.04.1999 Poznan (PL), Eskulap
23.04.1999 Potsdam, Waschhaus
24.04.1999 Jena, Kassablanca
tour by ibd: info from:

## Hypnotix
# Reggae,Czecheslowakia/Senegal,,
11.03.1999 OLDENBURG, Cadillac
12.03.1999 HANNOVER, Faust
13.03.1999 OSNABRUECK, Haus der Jugend
14.03.1999 HOEXTER, Felsenkeller
25.03.1999 AUGSBURG, Kerosin
26.03.1998 REICHENBACH, Die Halle
27.03.1999 MANNHEIM, Alte Feuerwache
08.04.1999 LINZ (AT), Posthof
09.04.1999 INNSBRUCK (AT), Utopia
to be continued...

## Burning Spear
# Reggae,Jamaica,,
18.06.1999 Woergl (AT), Komma, Festival
19.06.1999 Wiesen (AT), Spring Vibration, Festival
02.07.1999 Ulm, Zelt
03.07.1999 Koeln, Summerjam
04.07.1999 Berlin, Summerjam
06.07.1999 Braunschweig, FBZ> 07.07.1999 Hamburg, tba
08.07.1999 Mainz, KuZ
09.07.1999 Chiemsee, Reggae Summer
10.07.1999 Bielefeld, Park
there are more dates in europe, check the official webpage

# Reggae,UK,,The Ariwa Showcase touring again
21.04.1999 Berlin, Pfefferberg
22.04.1999 Hamburg, Markthalle
23.04.1999 Hannover, Altro Mondo
24.04.1999 BRAUNSCHWEIG, FBZ (Changed)
25.04.1999 Nuernberg, Hirsch
27.04.1999 Koeln, Live Music Hall
28.04.1999 Bielefeld, Hechelei
29.04.1999 Mainz, Kulturzentrum
30.04.1999 Tuebingen, Mensa
01.05.1999 Lindau, Club Vaudeville
02.05.1999 Muenchen, Incognito
08.05.1999 BERLIN, Kato
info:, tour by:

## Baaba Maal
# Weltmusik,Senegal,,
23.05.1999 Moers, Jazz-Festival, tbc
30.05.1999 Wuerzburg, Afrika-Festival
01.06.1999 Bielefeld, Welt-Nacht, tbc
02.07.1999 Hannover, Pavillon, Massala Festival
03.07.1999 Rudolstadt, Tanz-und-Folk-Festival, tbc
07.07.1999 Ingolstadt, Theatersaal, Sommerkonzerte
24.07.1999 Oldenburg, Marktplatz
tour by Berthold Seliger: info from:

## UB40
# Reggae,UK,,Pop-Reggae
16.04.1999 Duesseldorf, Philipshalle
16.04.1999 Bremen, Pier 2
20.04.1999 Berlin, Columbiahalle
21.04.1999 Hamburg, CCH Saal 3
22.04.1999 Rotterdam, Ahoy, NL
24.04.1999 Hanau, tba (not confirmed?)
25.04.1999 Muenchen, Collosseum
28.04.1999 Fuerth, Stadthalle (??????)
info from: and , tour by sunrise

## Asian Dub Foundation
# Reggae,GB,,
13.04.1999 Bremen, Tivoli
14.04.1999 Hamburg, Markthalle, plus Audio Active
15.04.1999 Duesseldorf, Stahlwerk, plus Audio Active
tour and info from:

## Beenie Man and the Shocking Vibes Crew
# Reggae,Jamaica,,
22.03.1999 Vienna (AT), tba
23.03.1999 Innsbruck (AT), tba
24.03.1999 Zuerich (CH), Rote Fabrik
27.03.1999 Geneva (CH), Grande Salle de Fauburg
28.03.1999 Brussels (BE), Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
30.03.1999 Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg
31.03.1999 Rotterdam (NL), Nighttown
info from:

## Lokua Kanza
# Weltmusik,Kamerun,,The wonderful voice from Africa
15.03.1999 Berlin, Pfefferberg
16.03.1999 Hamburg, Fabrik
17.03.1999 Mainz, KUZ
19.03.1999 Muenchen, Muffathalle
20.03.1999 Stuttgart, Theaterhaus
21.03.1999 Koeln, Alter Wartesaal
tour and info by karsten-jahnke

**************** SPECIAL EVENTS ****************

infos about most of the EUROPEAN Reggae festivals on our server:

Festival Dates in 1999:

Afrika Festival Wuerzburg: 28. -30.05.1999, artists: Busi Mshlongo (ZA),
Ringo (ZA), Baaba Maal (SG), Kassav, und andere

Spring Vibration: 19/20.6.1999 Vienna (AT) artists: Burning Spear, Yellowman
and others (tbc)
Summerjam: 02.07.1999 - 04.07.1999 in Koeln, artists (tbc): BURNING SPEAR,
more tba.
tickets: 99,-DM plus VVK
Chiemsee Reggae Summer: 9.7.-11.7.1999 (Freitag und Samstag volles Programm,
Sonntag wieder Reggaebreakfast)

**************** CONCERTS and PARTYS ****************

For regluar Soundystem dates please check Anne's Soundsystem page!


12.03.1999 New Born Creation (Reggae from NL), Coesfeld, Fabrik
13.03.1999 Roots Commandment plus BaBaBoom, Muenster, Tryptichon
14.03.1999 beNUTS (Ska aus Muenchen), Krefeld, Kulturfabrik
19.03.1999 CURLY LOCKS Sound plus Kingstone, Circus Maximus, Koblenz
20.03.1999 SYNDICATE SOUND (Koeln) meets RAM JAM SOUNDSYSTEM (Gambia),
           Koeln, Tunnels
03.04.1999 Muenster , "Fusion" Culture Rock (Münster), Soul Jah (München),
           Kingstone (Köln)
04.04.1999 Koeln , "Kitt Club" ´Reggae Dancehall Eruption´ - Culture Rock,
           Soul Jah, Kingstone
04.04.1999 Soundquake and Pow Pow Sound, Guetersloh, venue tba.
17.04.1999 original Steppas: Blaster Ital Sound, Koeln, Tunnels
12.05.1999 Koeln, "Kitt Club" ´Reggae Dancehall Eruption´ - Kingstone
21.05.1999 Detmold, "Late Night" - Kingstone
22.05.1999 Saint Riverside Soundsystem, Koeln, Tunnels

The MIDDLE: RHEIN-MAIN-AREA (info by: Thilo Barth ) more info:

The EAST: (info by Mailinglist) more info:

The NORTH: Info by: Alexander Wendt more info:

25.03.1999 David Rodigan and Silly Walks Sound plus Lovetank and Mr.
           Gentleman, Hamburg, Schlachthof
19.06.1999 New Born Creation (Reggae from NL), Meppen, Soundcafe

The SOUTH: info by Anne

11.03.1999 Muenchen , "Mainstreet Club" - KINGSTONE + SOUL JAH (München)
12.03.1999 Nuernberg , "Market" - KINGSTONE + SOUL JAH + HipHop DJs
10.04.1999 Pow Pow Movement feat.Mr.Gentleman; Warm up by Terrible Charge
           Zoundcrew Location:P-Werk, Blieskastel/Saar
01.04.1999 The Sixth Revelation and DEL Davis Band, Kaufbeuren,
01.04.1999 The Sixth Revelation featuring Chubby Ranks, King Noah and
           Singing Morris, Diskothek "Spectrum" in Augsburg
09.04.1999 Muenchen , "Backstage" ´Ring the alarm´ - Kingstone & Soul Jah
10.04.1999 Stuttgart , "Die Roehre" ´Vendetta´ - u.a. mit Kingstone & Soul

The Neighbourhood:

18.06.1999 Reggae Summer Night Festival with Burning Spear and guests,
           Woergl (AT), Komma Veranstaltungszentrum
12.03.1999 JAH SHAKA & The Mighty Travellers USINE, Geneva, Switzerland

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