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Newsletter 12.1998

                  Roots & Reggae Concerts in Germany 12/98

Greetings from the German Reggae, Raggamuffin,Dub Node in Freiburg!
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**************** ON TOUR ****************

## The Busters
# Ska,Germany,,
02.12.1998 MUENCHEN, Allianz
03.12.1998 STUTTGART, Roehre
05.12.1998 ALTENBURG, Jazzclub
23.12.1998 GAGGENAU, Kulturhalle
25.12.1998 HAMBURG, Fabrik
26.12.1998 MANNHEIM, Alte Feuerwache
28.12.1998 BREMEN, Modernes
29.12.1998 FRANKFURT, Batschkapp
30.12.1998 KOELN, Live Music Hall
05.01.1999 ASCHAFFENBURG, Colossaal
06.01.1999 NUERNBERG, Hirsch
07.01.1999 AUGSBURG, Spectrum
08.01.1999 FREIBURG, Jazzhaus
09.01.1999 KARLSRUHE, Substage
14.01.1999 SAARBRUECKEN, Garage
16.01.1999 HANNOVER, Bad
21.01.1999 KIEL, Max
22.01.1999 OLDENBURG, Cadillac
23.01.1999 MUENSTER, Jovel Music Hall
28.01.1999 MUENCHEN, Backstage
18.02.1999 HALLE, Turm
19.02.1999 BIELEFELD, Elfenbein
20.02.1999 TRIER, Tuchfabrik
26.02.1999 WUPPERTAL, Boerse
27.02.1999 AACHEN, Bunker
tour by:; info from:

## The Reggaelites
04.12.98 Sendenhorst, Cafe Titanic
05.12.98 Nordenham, Jahnhalle
10.12.98 Muelheim, Rhein-Ruhr-Zentrum
12.12.98 Dortmund, Cacre Coeur
tour by CPM: info from:liveinconcert

18.12.98 Breisach     Jack Daniels
19.12.98 Karlsruhe    Uni
20.12.98 Mulfingen    Kulturverein
26.12.98 Lingen       Schlachthof
01.01.99 AschaffenburgColos-Saal
02.01.99 Freudenburg  Ducsaal
06.01.99 Augsburg     Spectrum
07.01.99 Heidelberg   Schwimmbad
08.01.99 Muehen       Boom Club
09.01.99 Dresden      Scheune
15.01.99 Bremen       Moments
16.01.99 Luebeck       Treibsand
19.01.99 Ulm          Charivari
16.02.99 Lohr         Bluescorner
tour by: Mizi Production, info from:

## Eek A Mouse
# Reggae,Jamaica,,
07.12.98 Aachen, Musikbunker
08.12.98 Dortmund, Live Station
09.12.98 Freiburg, Blue Monday
10.12.98 Heidelberg, Schwimmbad
11.12.98 Tuebingen, Mensa
12.12.98 Muenster, Triptychon
Dates changed! No concerts in Muenchen, Koeln, Berlin!!! Also touring in
the Netherlands
tour by:Revelation Concerts

House Of Dub Party - On-U Sound vs. Pressure Sounds
featuring: Adrian Sherwood ( On-U sound UK), Pete Holdsworth ( Pressure
Sounds - UK), Ghetto Priest ( UK), MC Trinity ( Jamaica), and Navigator /
Dub Action
14.12. Wien - Flex
15.12. Salzburg - Arge Nonntal
16.12. Muenchen - Incognito
18.12. Bochum - Bf Langendreer
info and tour by

## Ngobo Ngobo
# Ska,,,
28.11.98 LAUDENBACH, Bergstrassenhalle
04.12.98 ERFURT, Rotplombe
05.12.98 BISCHOFSWERDA, East Club

## Jamaica Papa Curvin's Christmas Reggae-Show
# Reggae,Germany,,The yearly X-Mas happening
24.12.98 Hamburg
25.12.98 Essen, Zeche Carl
26.12.98 Karlsruhe
27.12.98 Stuttgart
venues tba., new JPC-CD out in December!

## Asian Dub Foundation
# Reggae,GB,,
01.12.98 Nuernberg, Hirsch
02.12.98 Berlin, Loft
03.12.98 Essen, Zeche Carl
04.12.98 Hamburg, Markthalle
05.12.98 Bremen, Tivoli
tour by:

# Weltmusik,Algerien,,Der Prinz des RAI
04.12.98 HANNOVER, Pavillon
05.12.98 BERLIN, Pfefferberg
06.12.98 BREMEN, tba
08.12.98 HAMBURG, Fabrik
09.12.98 MUENCHEN, Muffathalle
10.12.98 KOELN, Kantine
11.12.98 FREIBURG, Jazzhaus

## Rockers Hifi
22.11.98 Nuernberg, Hirsch
24.11.98 Leipzig, Conne Island
25.11.98 Berlin, Kesselhaus
26.11.98 Koeln, E-Werk
27.11.98 Muenchen, Muffathalle
28.11.98 Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof
29.11.98 Hamburg, Markthalle
30.11.98 Hannover, Altro Mondo
01.12.98 Bremen, Modernes
info from: jaazzing

25.12.98 WUPPERTAL, Boerse
26.12.98 BERLIN, SO 36
27.12.98 ROSTOCK, MS Stubnitz
28.12.98 HAMBURG, Fabrik
29.12.98 HANNOVER, Bad
30.12.98 LEIPZIG, Conne Island
31.12.98 MAINZ, tba
tour by booby trap, info from

## Hypnotix
# Reggae,Czecheslowakia,,
06.12.98 AACHEN, Bunker
22.01.99 COTTBUS, Gladhouse
23.01.99 BERLIN, Pfefferberg
29.01.99 CHEMNITZ, Kraftwerk
30.01.99 JENA, Kassablanca
05.02.99 LEIPZIG, Moritzbastei
06.02.99 DRESDEN, Scheune
19.02.99 BIELEFELD, Spinnerei
20.02.99 NOERTEN-HARDENBERG, Novalishalle
25.02.99 NUERNBERG, Hirsch
26.02.99 FREIBURG, Jazzhaus
27.02.99 INGOLSTADT, Ohrakel
more dates later, the list is allready tooo long for 99....

also on tour (special tips from the German Reggaenode):

   * Check Klaus Schoenenberg's incredible Afrika Iwalewa Database at

**************** SPECIAL EVENTS ****************

infos about most of the EUROPEAN Reggae festivals on our server:

Jah Fire on 22.12. at Backstage in Muenchen:
Chubby Ranks, Singing U, Isiah, Jah Tiger, King Noah, Nighthawk, 
Shocking Murray backed by the KTS-Crew Bands and Dread Control 
Soundsys Reggae Vibes straight from Jamaica!!
for more infos contact us at

31. December 98, Sylvester Clash '98 in Dortmund, Dietrich Keuning Haus
Macka B, Tippa Irie, Dennis Alcapone, Chuckie Starr, Mad Professor& The
Robotiks, Gentleman & The Killing Riddim Section
info: Revelation Concerts, Hamm

Festival Dates in 1999!!!!!
Summerjam: 02.07.99 - 04.07.1999 in Koeln, artists (tbc): Beenieman,
Sizzla, Luciano, Burning Spear, Gregroy Isaacs, Lee Scratch Perry
Chiemsee Reggae Summer: 9.7.-11.7.99 (Freitag und Samstag volles 
Programm, Sonntag wieder Reggaebreakfast)

**************** IN CONCERT ****************
05.12. David Rodigan and Crew, Cafe Cuba, Essen
19.12. Jah Soundsystem (NL) in Essen, Cafe Cuba

The EAST: (info by Mailinglist) more info:
03.12. Skasplash: Laurel Aitken, Scoflaws etc. - Berlin. Pfefferberg
04.12. Skasplash: Laurel Aitken, Scoflaws etc. - Leipzig, Conne Island

The NORTH: Info by: Alexander Wendt more info:
18.12. Neueroeffnung: L I T T L E J A M A I C A (Reggae-Kneipe)
       Oelmuehlenstr. 8 in Bremen

The SOUTH: info by Anne
02.12. Skasplash: Laurel Aitken etc, Nuernberg, Hirsch
04.12. Party: International Link-up: Tuebingen, Epple-Haus
05.12. Party: Reggae Jam Down: Tuebingen, Cosmic Club
05.12. Party: Reggae Disturbance: Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Universum
05.12. Party: Bass Riot w. Blessed Soundsystem: Stuttgart, Intergalactica
05.12. Laurel Aitken & New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Tuebingen, Mensa
05.12. Lion of Judah, Ludwigsburg, Scala
08.12. Angelique Kidjo, Stuttgart-Wangen, Theaterhaus
09.12. Dr Ring-Ding and The Senior Allstars, Tuebingen, Epple Haus
19.12. Party: Rewind w. Lucky Punch Soundsystem: Stuttgart, Inner            
          Rhythm Club
25.12. Kalifi (Ghane), Tuebingen, Cosmic Club
26.12. Party: X-Mas Reggae Party: Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Universum
26.12. Party: X-Mas Jamming: Tuebingen, Cosmic Club
27.12. Party: X-Mas Reggae Party: Reutlingen, Nepomuk

The Neighbourhood:
04.12. Israel Vibration, Palladium Geneve (CH) TBC
12.12. DUB VERSIVE BAND, plus Roots Operator, Zuerich (CH) STUZ

Check out the folowing webpages for neighbouring countries
African Concerts in Europe:

               **************** SOUNDSYSTEMS****************
For regluar Soundystem dates please check the Anne's Soundsystem page!
19.12.   Jah Soundsystem (NL) in Essen, Cafe Cuba
24.12.   The Night of the Playa'z: OUTERNATIONAL SOUNDS (Hannover)
         alongside SOUNDQUAKE (Detmold) featuring Bruno Ranks (Jamaica) 
         Hannover, UJZ Korn (starts 22h)
26.12.   Boombastic Sound 5th Anniversary Bashment with: Bong 
       Production,  Greenshen Sound, Spots Road Show(Amsterdam) en 
       Boombastic sound in Magasin 4, Rue du magasin 4, Brussel (B)
15.01.99 Jah Soundsystem's 10th anniversary bashment featuring 
         KILLAMANJARO with RICKY TROOPER at Modernes in Bremen
16.01.99 Jah Soundsystem's 10th anniversary bashment featuring live from
         Jamaica KILLAMANJARO with RICKY TROOPER in Geneva (CH)
23.01.99 Jah Soundsystem's 10th anniversary including special guests tba.
         at Faust in Hannover

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