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Newsletter 10.1998

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                  Roots & Reggae Concerts in Germany 10/98

Greetings from the German Reggae, Raggamuffin, Dub Node in Freiburg!
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**************** ON TOUR ****************

# Weltmusik,Algerien,,Der Prinz des RAI
04.12.98 HANNOVER, Pavillon
05.12.98 BERLIN, Pfefferberg
06.12.98 BREMEN, tba
08.12.98 HAMBURG, Fabrik
09.12.98 MUENCHEN, Muffathalle
10.12.98 KOELN, Kantine
11.12.98 FREIBURG, Jazzhaus

## Submission
# Reggae,Germany,,Dubtour Herbst 98
06.10.98 Berlin, Kantine in der Kulturbrauerei, feat. Translantic Paice and 
Dani D, D
16.10.98 Zgorzelec, Dom Kultury, feat. Joint Venture Sound System, PL
17.10.98 Bischofswerda, East Club, D
18.10.98 Jena, Die kleine Quelle, D
20.10.98 Prag, oo7 Strahov, CZ
21.10.98 Hradec Kralové, Paradox, CZ
23.10.98 Dornbirn, Conrad Sohm, AT
25.10.98 Graz, Arkadium, AT
26.10.98 Wien, Flex Club, AT
28.10.98 Augsburg, Kerosin, D
29.10.98 ESSEN, Schleifmuehle, D, 45
30.10.98 Koeln, Gebaeude 9, feat. Saint Riverside Dub Service, spec.         
       guest: Sista Saskia, D, 5
31.10.98 Duisburg, Mono, D, 4
14.11.98 Leipzig, Conne Island, mit Tricky Chris + ROOTSMAN, D
info: Global Sunshine Entertainment

## Rockers Hifi
22.11.98 Nuernberg, Hirsch
24.11.98 Leipzig, Conne Island
25.11.98 Berlin, Kesselhaus
26.11.98 Koeln, E-Werk
27.11.98 Muenchen, Muffathalle
28.11.98 Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof
29.11.98 Hamburg, Markthalle
30.11.98 Hannover, Altro Mondo
01.12.98 Bremen, Modernes
info from: jaazzing

info from on 29.9.: this tour has been cancelled
tour by IBD, info from

## Cashma Hoody
# Reggae,,,Hoody Reggae
03.10.98 REICHENBACH, Die Halle
23.10.98 HANNOVER, Faust
14.11.98 NEU-ISENBURG, Treffer
19.11.98 NUERTINGEN, FH-Fete
Tour: AFRICAN DANCE RECORDS, info found at

## The World of Reggae: Michael Rose, Errol Dunkley, Michael Prophet,
Frankie Paul
# Reggae,Jamaica,,Promotional tour for a Reggae sampler
(NOT cancelled!!!!!!)
25.09.98 Essen, Efes
26.09.98 Hannover, Maxim
27.09.98 Jena, Kassablanca
30.09.98 Berlin, Pfefferberg
01.10.98 Amsterdam (NL), Marcanti
02.10.98 Hamburg, Marmara
03.10.98 Mannheim, Capitol
tour by Karma Touba: info from flyer

# Jazz,Jamaica,,Jazz and Reggae
27.10.98 KOELN, Stadtgarten
28.10.98 NL-AMSTERDAM, tba
29.10.98 HAMBURG, Fabrik
30.10.98 BERLIN, Glashaus
31.10.98 JENA, Kassablanca
01.11.98 MUENCHEN, Incognito
02.11.98 ASCHAFFENBURG, Colossaal
03.11.98 FREIBURG, Jazzhaus
tour by: BOOBY TRAP, info from

# Reggae,Germany,,Grandfather of Reggae in Germany
01.10.98 HEIDELBERG, Schwimmbad
02.10.98 OBERHAUSEN, tba
03.10.98 IDAR-OBERSTEIN, tba
04.10.98 KREFELD, Kulturfabrik
PLEASE VERIFY THE DATES, I found different infos as well

25.12.98 WUPPERTAL, Boerse
26.12.98 BERLIN, SO 36
27.12.98 ROSTOCK, MS Stubnitz
28.12.98 HAMBURG, Fabrik
29.12.98 HANNOVER, Bad
30.12.98 LEIPZIG, Conne Island
31.12.98 MAINZ, tba
tour by booby trap, info from

## Tony Rebel, Sugar Black and Lebanculah
# Reggae,Jamaica,,more dates to be announced later
13.10.98 Dortmund, Live Station
14.10.98 Hamburg, Markthalle
15.10.98 Berlin, Pfefferberg, tbc.
27.10.98 Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg
tour by

## Baaba Maal
# Weltmusik,Senegal,,The wonderful voice of Senegal with a brandnew CD 
26.10.98 Hamburg, Fabrik
27.10.98 Berlin, Pfefferberg
28.10.98 Koeln, Wartesaal
02.11.98 Stuttgart, Schuetzenhaus
03.11.98 Muenchen, Incognito
tour by

also on tour (special tips from the German Reggaenode):
   * Check Klaus Schönenberg's incredible Afrika Iwalewa Database at

**************** SPECIAL EVENTS ****************

infos about most of the EUROPEAN Reggae festivals on our server:

Africa Iwalewa presents :2. FESTIVAL KULTUREN DER WELT 1998 
Klaus Schoenenberg's project Africa Iwalewa organises this wonderful 
small festival in his home-village Wahlscheid (Lohmar, Rheins Sieg Kreis)
Oct 24th 19:00h info:
with Musafir (Indien), Hamid Baroudi (Algerien, D), Massamba Diouf (and
some local heroes..)

**************** IN CONCERT ****************

16.10. HEAVEN BOUND in Winnenden, 02327-77503
17.10. Taxaw, (senegal), Essen, Cafe Cuba
24.10. Chameleon, WestAfrican Reggae; Essen, Cafe Cuba
25.10. Dr. Ring Ding, Wupertal, HDJ
16.11. Yellowman, Live Station in Dortmund
21.11  Habib Koite (Mali) Bochum, Bhf Langendreer

The MIDDLE: RHEIN-MAIN-AREA (info by: Thilo Barth ) more info:

The EAST: (info by Mailinglist) more info:

The NORTH: Info by: Alexander Wendt more info:
02.10. Aja Addy, Tsui Ana - Hamburg Schlachthof
14.10. Tony Rebel - Hamburg Markthalle
01.12. Rockers Hi-Fi - Bremen Modernes

The SOUTH: info by Anne
16.10. The Busters, NECKARGEMUEND, Aula
17.10. The Busters, DENZLINGEN, Jugendzentrum

Check out the folowing webpages for neighbouring countries
Belgium and Europe:
African Concerts in Europe:

               **************** SOUNDSYSTEMS****************

For regluar Soundystem dates please check the Anne's Soundsystem page!

03.10. D.H.R. recordings presents: Christoph de Babalon/Bomb20/Patric
       Catani at Hamburg, Souterain club
03.10. Caveman Sound, Essen Cafe Cuba
03.10. Reggaedancehall '98 at Faust in Hannover Featuring live in concert
       BEEF Roots/Lovers/Dancehall and Jah Sound International       
24.10. Saint Riverside Soundsystem, Cologne, Small Axe Soundsystem,    
      Aachen, One Blood Soundsystem, Cologne at TUNNELS in Koeln

                  **************** MEDIA ****************

For infos about German ReggaeRadioStations check our special page:

06.10.98 00:00-00:45, Bayern 3 TV: Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer 98: 
                                    Linton Kwesi Johnson
13.10.98 00:00-00:45, Bayern 3 TV: Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer 98: 
                                    Angelique Kidjo
20.10.98 00:00-00:45, Bayern 3 TV: Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer 98: 
                                    Jimmy Cliff
27.10.98 00:00-00:45, Bayern 3 TV: Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer 98: 
                                    Dr. Ring-Ding and Natural Mystic
03.11.98 00:00-00:45, Bayern 3 TV: Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer 98: 
                                    Sixth Revelation and Hypnotix

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