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Newsletter 03.1995

Hello again!

The new edition of the tour dates! 

Sorry for the delivering problems last time. Some of you got two copies
of the list. There was a problem on my workstation that blew me off the
net. On screen I saw that only the first 6 mails were sent, but the 
system had sent all of them...
This problem will not happen again. I installed some check programm
so that I will always know what happend! :-)

For all folks out there, who don't know this list
This is a list of tour dates of Reggae and African concerts ("Worldmusic")
in Germany (and sometimes Austria and Switzerland...)

If you are interested in it, please send an E-Mail to my address and 
you will get it *monthly* via E-Mail! 

You might also find it in the newsgroups and fido.ger.musik
(or musik.ger for fido-netters) and on the following WWW-pages:

Anybody who has got any more information on concerts for example other 
not listed dates or even local concerts might send an E-Mail to my address
(beckhaus- (at)! 

Thanks to Markus from Darmstadt (dh9e- (at)
and Thilo from Frankfurt (tbarth- (at) who sent me 
infos about the concerts in Rhein-Main area.

Informations and comments are usually written in English due to the fact
that it is broadcasted in and many of the receivers are 
from other European countries and USA.

On Tour:

   Third World (Jamaica)
29.04. Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal

   Desmond Dekker & special guest 
21.3.  Muelheim, Ringlokschuppen
23.3.  Heidelberg, Schwimmbad 
26.3.  Marburg, KFZ

   Steel Pulse
29.3.  Zuerich (Sui), Rote Fabrik (Aktionshalle)

18.3.  Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit
19.3.  Hildesheim, Vier Linden 
20.3.  Dortmund, Live Station
21.3.  Solingen, Getaway
22.3.  Frankfurt, Sinkkasten 
23.3.  Erlangen, E-Werk
24.3.  Muenchen, Muffathalle 
25.3.  Tuebingen, Mensa
by Scorpio

   Zap Mama
8.4.   Frankfurt, Alte Oper
9.4.   Karlsruhe, Tollhaus
11.4.  Berlin, Tempodrom
by Karsten Jahnke

   Stella Chiweshe          ("The Mbira Queen of Zimbabwe")
16.3.  Frankfurt, Brotfabrik

   Miriam Makeba
26.5.  Bad Reichenhall
28.5.  Konstanz
by Moderne Welt

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh + Omar Hakim, Bill Evans, Kai E. Karpeh de Camargo
21.4.  Baunatal, Stadthalle
23.4.  Duesseldorf, Robert Schumann Saal
24.4.  Mannheim, Feuerwache
26.4.  Halle, Capitol
27.4.  Berlin, Tempodrom
28.4.  Detmold, Festival
29.4.  Bernkastel-Kues, Mosellandhalle
30.4.  Frankfurt, Alte Oper
1.5.   Bonn, Brueckenforum 
2.5.   Muenchen, Muffathalle 
3.5.   Ludwigsburg, Scala
by Karsten Jahnke

   El Houssaine Kili & Band (Marok.)
23.3. Frankfurt, Brotfabrik

   Susu Bilibi        (Reggae & West African)   
8.3.   Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
11.3. Idstein-Woersdorf, Nassauer Hof

25.4.  Haltern, Old Daddy

   Vitamin X
16.5.  Haltern, Old Daddy

   Me and the Heat    (Jazzy Reggae )       
9.3.   Heidelberg, Schwimmbad 

   Roykey & Band       (Roots Reggae)
11.3.  Heidelberg, Schwimmbad 
   Lemon 8             (Reggae,Ragga,Ska)        
16.3.  Darmstadt, Goldene Krone 
30.3.  Darmstadt, Kesselhaus

   Djeynah D. & Band   (Reggae from NL)     
18.3.  Aschaffenburg, Klimperkasten

   Third Generation    (Reggae)              
23.3.  Darmstadt, Goldene Krone 

   Ngobo Ngobo         (Ska&Reggae)        
27.3.  Darmstadt, Goldene Krone 

   Reality             (Reggae from U.K. )             
31.3.  Frankfurt, Sinkkasten

   Rosani Reis & Band  (Latin Jazz)
18.3.  Essen, Bahnhof Sued

   Son Seis            (Salsa)
18.3.  Essen, Cafe Cuba

25.4.  Haltern, Old Daddy

   Vitamin X
16.5.  Haltern, Old Daddy

   Kick La Luna        (Afro Latin Soul Jazz)
18.3.  Essen, Zeche Carl

   The Lions           (Reggae)
25.3.  Hagen, Werkhof Hohenlimburg

canceled (?):
by High Life & Hot Property


Steel Pulse, Third World, Wailing Souls and spec. guests
tour: 1. - 14.6.95
by Moderne Welt

"10th Anniversary" of the -> SUMMER JAM FESTIVAL <-
 Reggae, Dancehall, Worldmusic, 
 2 stages, Soundsystems all night long, `Soulfood' and a 
 Reggaecinema. More than 20 Top Bands will be there!
main festival:
 30.6. - 2.7.1995 Wegberg, Wildenrath Airfield near Moenchengladbach
small festivals:
 1.7.  Hamburg, Stadtpark
 2.7.  Berlin, Tempodrom
by Contour

  Info under telephone:
Contour: 0711/2364588
Scorpio: 040/4505061
Moderne Welt: 0711/625088
DMC: 089/7697250
Sunspot/Bubu: 0212/816468
Castor Promotion: 0511/392950
vip-productions: 0611/562027
Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion: 040/418068
Int. Code for Germany: +49 

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