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Newsletter 12.1994 - xmas a

Hello again!

Right before Christmas I got some new concert dates for the beginning of 1995!
Most of these dates are all located in my area! 
I will send a new complete German.Tour.Dates list after my winter holiday!
(I haven't got the information yet)

For all folks out there, who don't know this list:
This is a list of tour dates of African and Reggae (and sometimes
Latin, too) concerts in Germany (and sometimes Austria and Switzerland...)

If you are interested in it, please send an E-Mail to my address and 
you will get it *monthly* via E-Mail! 
You might find it in the newsgroups and fido.ger.musik
(or musik.ger for fido-netters) and on the following WWW-pages:

This list is usually updated every month. 
Anybody who has got any more information on concerts for example other 
not listed dates or even lokal concerts might send an E-Mail to my address
(beckhaus at! There were some questions concerning concert
dates in Austria and Switzerland! I'm living right in the heart of Germany
and haven't got any chance to get infos about what's happenin' down there 
than via nice people on the NET who send me infos! 
So...You know what to do...

Informations and comments are usually written in English due to the fact
that many of the receivers of this lists are from other European countries
and USA. 

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

On Tour:

   Jasper vant Hof's Pili Pili (10 years jubilee tour)
11.1.  Dortmund, Live Station
19.1.  Essen, Zeche Carl
22.1.  Rheinberg, Schwarzer Adler

   Top Cat & DJ David Rodigan
27.1.  Wuppertal, Beat Box

   The 'incredible' General Levy
19.2.  Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreher

   Provibes (Reggae)
20.1.  Gelsenkirchen, Kaue

   Bim Sherman
25.1.  Dortmund, Live Station
30.1.  Koeln, Kantine

   Paulo Noronha & Band (Brazil)
31.12. Koeln, Stadtgarten

   Pedro Louis Ferrer - Noche Cubana
8.2.   Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreher
2.2.   Wuppertal, Haus der Jugend

   Silcata & Band (Latin)
15.1.  Dortmund, Cabaret Queue

   Chi-Kin-Chee and Akwaaba, African Dance Night
21.1.  Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreher

  Gregory Isaacs & Dennis Brown 
  + D. Red and L. Parks
  (new Album by Dennis & Gregory: Blood Brothers)

3.1.   Dortmund, Live Station
4.1.   Koeln, Live Music Hall
5.1.   Karlsruhe, Festhalle Durlach
6.1.   Bielefeld, PC69
7.1.   Tuebingen, Mensa
8.1.   Mainz, KuZ
13.1.  Zuerich (Sui), Electric Ballroom, Albisriederhaus
(by Moderne Welt)


2.3.   Vienna (Au), Rockhaus
3.3.   Linz (Au), Posthof
4.3.   Erlangen, E-Werk
5.3.   Regensburg, QU
6.3.   Solingen, Getaway
7.3.   Osnabrueck, Works
8.3.   Hamburg, Fabrik
9.3.   Dortmund, Live Station
10.3.  Karlsruhe, Festhalle Durlach
11.3.  Tuebingen, Mensa
12.3.  Augsburg, Spectrum
13.3.  Muenchen, Backstage
15.3.  Aschaffenburg, Collossaal
by Contour 

  Vitamin X

23.12. Karlsruhe, Subway
25.12. Essen, Cafe Cuba
29.12. Kassel, Factory
30.12. Frankfurt, Sinkkasten
4.1.   Dornbirn (Au)
7.1.   Idar-Oberstein, Session
12.1.  Essen, Roxy-Club
14.1.  Leipzig, Moritzbastei
by Castor

X-Mas Reggae
  Dennis Al Capone, Mad Professor, Nolan Irie
  + Macka B & Robotics (only: @)

24.12. Muenchen, Charterhalle
25.12. Freiburg, Jazzhaus
27.12. Dortmund, Live Station
28.12. Regensburg, QU
29.12. Aachen, B9
30.12. Bellheim, Saegewerk   @
31.12. Berlin, TU-Mensa      @
by GPI Music

 Charlie Chaplin & Band  'too hot to handle'

18.1.  Wuppertal, Boerse
19.1.  Tuebingen, Foyer
20.1.  Berlin, Alte TU Mensa
21.1.  Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit
22.1.  Muenster, X-Floor Hallen
24.1.  Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreher
25.1.  Freiburg, Jazzhaus
26.1.  Heidelberg, Schwimmbad
27.1.  Karlsruhe, Subway
28.1.  Linz (Au), Posthof
29.1.  Erlangen, E-Werk
by Sunspot Music & Bubu Concerts

Thirld World
24.4.  Bochum, Zeche

In January in Cafe Cuba, Essen:
31.12. Cameroun Express (Kwassa Kwassa, Makossa, Highlife, Reggae)
7.1.   Charanga Picante (Salsa)
14.1.  Andando (African Reggae)
21.1.  Roots Natty Congo (Reggae & Soca)
28.1.  Bibiba (African Reggae & HIghlife)


Baaba Maal said to come back in March/April! 
(I will not miss him again!)

and also in March 95:
General Levey, Top Cat, UK Apache, General Saint, Vivian Jones, 
Don Campbell, Akabu, Janet Lee Davis, Winsome, Peter Hunningale, 
Earl Sixteen, Erol Dunkley, ...
by High Life & Hot Property

Info under telephone:
Contour: 0711/2364588
Scorpio: 040/4505061
Moderne Welt: 0711/625088
DMC: 089/7697250
Sunspot/Bubu: 0212/816468
Castor Promotion: 0511/392950
Int. Code for Germany: +49

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